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    Is God male? If not, why do we use “He”?

    God has no gender. The Arabic language does not have a neutral gender. So every word in Arabic is either represented in masculine or feminine form. The word “Allah” does not meet the grammatical conditions required for feminine gender. So it is represented in the masculine form.

    Does Islam allow husbands to beat their wives?

    Prophet Muhammad said: "Do not beat the female servants of God". The image of marriage portrayed in the Quran is one that gives peace and comfort to the spouses and is based on unconditional love and mercy. How can someone think that the Quran sanctions domestic violence?

    Why is Prophet Muhammad a Revolutionary Lawmaker?

    Prophet Muhammad made an agreement with the different tribes of Medina which is referred to as "Constitution of Medina". The clauses in the Constitution of Medina were built on Equality, Justice and Freedom of Religion. Even after 1400 plus years, the principles from the “Constitution of Medina” are extremely relevant to us in India to achieve equality, peace and harmony.

    Does God exist? Who created God?

    The age of the Universe tells us that the Universe had a beginning. So the Universe that began to exist either must have created itself or must have been created by 'something'. Since, something cannot create itself, the Universe must have been created by 'something'. We call this 'something' as God.

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