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Common Questions


Uniform Civil Code of India – NOT just a Muslim Issue

Hindus, Muslims and people of all faiths have the same Criminal law. Like Muslims, each religion has their own personal laws. Hindus have Hindu Personal Law which is based on their religious scriptures like Vedas, Smritis, and Upanishads.

How can you be truly happy?

Can lots of money, big mansion, fancy cars, hot vacations etc. always result in human happiness? Money can give you comforts but will not guarantee peace of mind, good family and friends.

Mughal Rulers and their actions

All kings, irrespective of their faith, had a common goal of protecting their rulership and expanding their kingdom. They did things that helped them achieve this goal. We should never link religion with the actions of the kings.

Hindus’ Rights in Muslim countries

Muslims & Hindus in Malaysia and Indonesia live in peace and harmony. Some of the world’s most beautiful temples are found in Malaysia and Indonesia. This clearly shows that Muslim countries allow rights and freedom to their non-Muslim citizens.

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