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Hatred hurts – The Effects of hatred on the Body and Mind

When you hate someone, the brain interprets it as a threat and chemicals are released throughout the body. When the hatred continues on a regular basis, the chemicals are more frequently released and cause illnesses like: diabetes, hypertension, cancer and auto-immune disorders.

Is there life after death?

Can justice be fully established in this world? Hitler killed six million innocent people. What punishment could the human law give Hitler? The most they can do is give him death penalty which is punishment for the killing of one innocent person. What about the remaining?

Why do Muslim women wear Hijab?

Muslim women wear Hijab to cover their head and NOT their brains! Wearing Hijab does NOT prevent the progress of any woman. Mother Theresa also covered her head. Did we call her oppressed? Why Muslim women alone are called oppressed for covering their head?

Should non-Muslims have a problem with halal meat?

Halal meat is not forced on anyone. Non-Muslims always have the choice to opt for Jhatka meat. In fact, many in North India, especially in Punjab opt for Jhatka meat. No law or rule forces the restaurants and hotels to serve halal meat.

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