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Does the Quran allow Muslims to have non-Muslim friends?

God does not prevent Muslims from being just and extending highest form of righteous treatment to non-Muslims. Prophet Muhammad commanded Muslims to treat their neighbors kindly and politely. This includes neighbors of all faiths.

Does Karma Exist? Do we have multiple Rebirths / Samsara?

Are people re-born based on their Karma? Do some people have memories of their previous birth? Are the fundamental elements of justice present in the concept of Samsara or multiple rebirths? Read to get answers.

Are Indian Muslims a threat to Hindus in India?

When Muslims, who live as majority community in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, pose no threat to Hindus or Hinduism, does it make sense to believe that Muslims who live as minority in India (14.2% of population) pose a threat to Hindus (80% of population)?

Are Indian Muslims Patriotic?

Indian Muslim community is the ONLY community in India which had the option to choose between Pakistan and India. The MAJORITY (crores) of Muslims decided to stay back in India. Can there be a better proof of patriotism than this?

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