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    In search of solution to Rape

    India stands at #3 in the world for the number of rapes. Every 22 minutes one woman is raped in India. So approximately 65 women are raped in India every day. Can there be a practical solution? Find out.


    Can we have more than one God?

    Can we live without Sun or oxygen or rain? If Hindus had their own god, Christians had their own god, Muslims had their own god, wouldn’t there be discrimination and fight among gods on who should get more benefit from sun, oxygen and rain?

    Old Age Homes and Quran’s guidance

    India has around 13.8 crore elderly persons. A report estimates that there are 1.8 crore homeless elderly persons in India. A wonderful solution from the Quran to mitigate the increase in old age homes.

    Non-Muslim Leaders about Prophet Muhammad

    "I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness." - Bernard Shaw

    Purpose of your existence

    We did not choose our parents, place of birth and our race. Who put us here? Why do we exist? There must be higher power behind our existence. We call that higher power, God. Why did He create us? What does He want from us?


    Anger Management

    Download posters with Hadith and Quranic verses on Anger Management. To download, long press the image and select "Download Image".

    Don’t be a sheep

    When individuals start following the norms of a larger group without applying their mind, it has lot of serious and negative consequences. Studies have found out that people who exhibit herd mentality had poor decision making abilities.

    Superior by Birth? NO!

    The belief that they are superior because of their birth has resulted in severe discrimination and oppression of the less fortunate humans. The saying of the Prophet (peace be on him) that all humans are equal puts an end to the illusion that some are superior just because of their birth.

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