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    Old Age Homes and Quran’s guidance

    India has around 13.8 crore elderly persons. A report estimates that there are 1.8 crore homeless elderly persons in India. A wonderful solution from the Quran to mitigate the increase in old age homes.

    Learn from the birds – treating old aged parents

    With increase in people who only care about their own happiness, old aged parents are sent to old age homes. Rich kids buy an apartment for their old parents and make them stay there alone like orphans. In this video, let us see what our Creator has said about treatment of old aged parents in the Glorious Quran.

    God has commanded that “You shall not worship anyone other than God and to be kind and good to your mother and father. “If one or both of your old aged parents stay with you, do not speak to them in an irritating or repulsive manner. Do not drive them away! Speak to them respectfully!

    Quran Chapter 17 Verse 23

    Lower the wings of love and care for them. Pray for them – ‘Show mercy and love to my parents the same way they showed mercy and love to me when I was young.’

    Quran Chapter 17 Verse 24

    In verse 24, God says, “Lower the wings of love and care for them (that is, for your parents).” For you to understand this verse, you must learn a little about birds.

    The mother bird lowering its wings to protect its babies that do not have wings. Like how the mother bird lovingly protects its babies by lowering its wings, your parents also protected you lovingly and caringly when you were a child. You needed the love, protection and care of your parents when you were young. Same way, your old aged parents also need your love, protection and care. God teaches that you must remember this and show love and care for your old aged parents.

    God also instructs the kids to pray “Show mercy and love to my parents the same way they showed mercy and love to me when I was young”.

    If a person realizes this and prays for his parents on a regular basis, will he have the heart to send his old aged parents to old age homes or leave them like orphans in apartments? Definitely NO!

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