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    Hatred causes cancer

    When you hate someone, the brain interprets it as a threat and chemicals are released throughout the body. When the hatred continues on a regular basis, the chemicals are more frequently released and cause illnesses like: diabetes, hypertension, cancer and auto-immune disorders.

    Will India become a Muslim country?

    According the Government Population Census conducted in 2011, Muslim population growth recorded a 20-year low in 2011, falling to 24.6% from 32.8% in 1991. The Total Fertility Rate for Muslim women has significantly reduced from 2.62 to 2.36.

    Does the Quran command the Muslims to kill Hindus?

    Any text of a book or scripture should be understood with its context. A text devoid of context can be easily misunderstood and misinterpreted. No book or scripture is an exception to this.

    What is Kafir Meaning?

    Is "Kafir" a derogatory word? No. “Kafir” is an antonym for the word “Muslim”. Opposite words or antonyms are used in every faith. Hinduism uses the word “Melechas” to refer to people who are foreigners or have a non-vedic origin.

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