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    About Us

    Follow the argument wherever it leads us

    Curious Hats – a platform that presents information to quench the thirst of the curious minds that have questions and concerns regarding several topics that concern humanity.

    Seek. Learn. Reflect – Curious Hats is built on these three foundations. Our objective is to encourage our fellow human brothers and sisters, to become curious to seek knowledge, understand it and think about it deeply and rationally.

    Communication and exchange of thoughts & ideas between people of different ideologies are key to fostering an environment of peace, understanding, and tolerance.Ours is a platform that empowers you with information, ideas and perspectives that you may not have known before. You need not agree with whatever we say, but we hope you can still appreciate and seek to understand our point of view.

    Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya

    Take me away from darkness (of falsehood), make me go towards the light (of truth)!

    Falsehood is darkness. Truth is light. We cannot see anything in darkness. We cannot experience reality in darkness. To see and experience reality, we need the light of truth. Therefore we strive to present information from the perspective we think is true and correct. While we do that, we also try our best not to create discord and animosity among our fellow brothers and sisters.

    At Curious Hats, we are committed to present information that is backed by truth.

    Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya
    Are those who have knowledge equal to those who do not have knowledge?
    Quran Chapter 39: Verse 9