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    Life after death – a certainty

    The Quran teaches that God will bring all the humans back to life and judge between us. Can we come back to life after we die? God says that we will be brought back to life even after we become stone fossils or iron fossils.

    Honeycomb Conjecture & Quran Miracle

    Honey bees build honeycombs in hexagonal shape. Why hexagon and not any other shape? Quran explicitly mentions that God revealed to the honey bees about building its houses. Mathematicians have tried to solve this question for more than 2000 years and only in 1999, this was proved. It is called as the Honeycomb Conjecture.

    Very Religious but bad person

    In this world, we see lot of people who are very religious but at the same time, are very bad people. Why does this happen? Most people have misunderstood God and His justice. They think doing lot of acts of worship will make God ignore their sins against humanity. Is this attitude correct?

    Miraculous Sign in Eclipse will leave you stunned

    Eclipses remind us about the immaculate order and mathematical precision in the Universe. Only a Divine Power can create and orchestrate this order and precision. Since, eclipses remind us of God, they are signs from God.

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