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    Don’t be a sheep

    When individuals start following the norms of a larger group without applying their mind, it has lot of serious and negative consequences. Studies have found out that people who exhibit herd mentality had poor decision making abilities.

    We have strong reasons to tell you “Don’t be a sheep.” In this article, we will see why “following the group” mindlessly is extremely problematic and dangerous.

    What is “Herd Mentality”?

    Herd Mentality is when individuals in a group or society, neglect their personal opinions and feelings and start conforming to or following the ideas of the majority in the group. The other names for this mentality are mob mentality, being a sheep, pack mentality, group mentality and crowd psychology.

    Does Herd Mentality really exist?

    The video below will prove to you that it actually does exist.

    Most people are sheep – don’t be a sheep!

    Crowd Mentality in Fashion

    You can observe “Crowd Mentality” in the fashion sense of the people. Look the picture below. One is fashion and another in poverty. How do you explain the tendency to tear apart a nice looking jeans in the name of fashion? If the “influencers” do it, then it becomes okay for others to copy that.

    Fashion vs Poverty - Curious Hats
    Fashion or Poverty – can you make out the difference?

    Is there a problem with Mob Mentality?

    Studies shows that mob mentality is extremely dangerous. Mob Mentality makes people do irrational things and even make support evil. For example: Riots and violence are triggered because of the mob mentality. We will now see an interesting but a very concerning incident from history that shows how people can be easily manipulated using this crowd psychology.

    How women were made to smoke cigarettes? – a case study

    American Tobacco Corporation approached a PR Consultant named Edward Barnays to take his help in increasing the sales of cigarettes. He devised an evil plan to manipulate women and make them believe that smoking gives them freedom and equality with men. He did this to make women smoke and thus increase the sale of cigarettes.

    Women manipulated to smoke cigarettes

    Quran on “Herd Mentality”

    God says in the Quran:

    If you obey most of those on earth, they would lead you away from the path of God. They follow nothing but assumptions, they are merely guessing.

    Quran Chapter 6: Verse 116

    The Quran’s guidance is spot on as it wonderfully captures the mindset of the masses, where they only make assumptions and guesses. Example: The women made the assumption that smoking cigarettes gave them freedom and equality.

    Now that you have understood the dangers of blindly following the group, don’t be a sheep!

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