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    Are Indian Muslims Traitors?

    Hate mongers and propagandists say, Indian Muslims are Traitors. You will be shocked when you look at the actual list of traitors.

    Are Indian Muslims Traitors?


    The hate mongers and propagandists allege that Indian Muslims are traitors as they have their hearts and affinity with Pakistan. What is the truth? Let’s find out.

    In search of the Traitors’ list

    We were curious to know how many Indian Muslims have betrayed India by selling information to our enemy country, Pakistan. When we set out to find the list of traitors, who sold confidential information to Pakistan, we were shocked to see the list of the real traitors.

    List of Traitors who sold information to Pakistan

    Here is the partial list of traitors who sold information to Pakistan.

    1K V UnnikrishnanRAWSep 1987Reference
    2Sibi Mathews
    R B Sreekumar
    Thampi S Durga Dutt
    P S Jayaprakash
    S Vijayan
    ISROOct 1994Reference
    3Rabinder SinghRAWJan 2004Reference
    4VishalStudentApr 2007Reference
    5Ravi NairRASOct 2007Reference
    6Manmohan SharmaRAWMay 2008Reference
    7Madhuri GuptaIndian DiplomatApr 2010Reference
    8Sukhjinder SinghIndian NavyApr 2010Reference
    9Patan Kumar PoddarIndian ArmyAug 2014Reference
    10Lalta Prasad
    Rakesh Kumar
    Raj Kumar Chaubey
    Reliance IndustriesFeb 2015Reference
    11Santanu Saikia
    Shailesh Saxena
    Vinay Kumar
    KK Naik
    Subhash Chandra
    Rishi Anand
    Journalist /
    Reliance Industries
    Feb 2015Reference
    12Ranjith KKIAFDec 2015Reference
    13Satvinder Singh
    Common CitizenNov 2016Reference
    14Arun MarwahaIAFJan 2017Reference
    15Dhruv Saxena
    Jitender Singh
    Balram Singh
    Rajeev Tiwari
    KP Yadav
    Ashish Singh Rathore
    Raj Bahadur Singh
    BJP IT Cell /
    Bajrang Dal
    Feb 2017Reference
    16Gulshan Kumar Sain
    Shyam Babu
    Sivendra Mishra
    Common CitizenFeb 2017Reference
    17Ravi KumarCommon CitizenMar 2018Reference
    18Achyutanand MishraBSFSep 2018Reference
    19Nishant AggarwalBrahMos Aerospace Pvt LtdOct 2018Reference
    20Somveer SinghIndian ArmyJan 2019Reference
    21Balram Singh
    SimBoxAug 2019Reference
    22Harpal Singh PalaKhalistaniAug 2019Reference
    23Rajeev SharmaJournalistSep 2019Reference
    24Vipin SinghCommon CitizenSep 2019Reference
    25Mukesh AroraIndian ArmyNov 2019Reference
    26Lance Naik Ravi Verma
    Vichitra Behera
    Indian ArmyNov 2019Reference
    27Sunny Kumar
    SK Das
    S Kumar Sarma
    Ashok Kumar
    Ashok Kumar
    V Kumar
    Ashok Kumar Singh
    Indian NavyDec 2019Reference
    28Ramniwas GauraCivil DefenceNov 2020Reference
    29Ibrahim Pullatti
    Gautham B Vishwanathan
    SimBoxJun 2021Reference
    30Harpreet Singh
    Gurbhej Singh
    Indian ArmyJul 2021Reference
    31Paramjit Singh
    Habibur Rahman
    Indian ArmyJul 2021Reference
    32Krunal Kumar BariaIndian ArmyOct 2021Reference
    33Devendra SharmaIAFMay 2022Reference
    34Dukka Mallikarjuna ReddyDRDO HyderabadJun 2022Reference
    35Shantimoy RanaIndian ArmyJul 2022Reference
    36Abdul Sattar
    Nitin Yadav
    Ram Singh
    Jul 2022Reference
    37Bhag ChandPakistani Hindu MigrantAug 2022Reference
    38Narayan Lal
    Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat
    Common CitizenAug 2022Reference
    39Pradeep KumarIndian ArmySep 2022Reference
    40Sher SinghNepali HinduNov 2022Reference
    41Deepak Kishor Bhai SalunkheDec 2022Reference
    42SumitUnion MinistryJan 2023Reference
    43Balaram DeyDRDO OdishaFeb 2023Reference
    44Budha Khan
    Mehar Ram
    Paru Ram
    Ratan Khan
    IAFMar 2023Reference
    45Pradeep KurulkarDRDO PuneMay 2023Reference
    46Pathanisamant Lenka
    Saroj Kumar Nayak
    Soumya Patanaik
    Common CitizensMay 2023Reference
    47Nikhil ShendeIAFMay 2023Reference
    48Vivek Raghuvanshi
    Ashish Pathak
    Ex-Navy Commander
    May 2023Reference
    List of Traitors who sold information to Pakistan

    How many Muslim names did in the list of the Traitors above? The list above has names of 85 traitors. Out of 85 traitors, only 5 are Muslims and the overwhelming majority of traitors are non-Muslims.

    Note: In the list, a traitor named Balram Singh is a repeat offender. He was arrested for the first time in 2017 for Spying. He gets out on bail. He gets back to spying again and is caught a second time in 2019. Contrast this with the case of Muslims, who are arrested for no crime and are denied bail for years. Example: Journalists, People arrested with false terror accusations and sedition charges.

    The stats above are so clear and revealing. So, we ask you, O unbiased reader, would you still believe the virulent lies of the hate mongers and propagandists?

    Do Indian Muslims love Pakistan?

    “Indian Muslims love Pakistan” – This is another venomous propaganda carried out by the hate mongers. If Indian Muslims loved Pakistan so much, they would have all migrated to Pakistan when the partition happened. An overwhelming majority of Indian Muslims stayed back in India. If Indian Muslims love Pakistan so much, why will they stay in India and pay taxes to India?

    Some might ask, why do Indian Muslims support Pakistan in cricket? To know the answer to this question and to know the contribution of Indian Muslims in the freedom struggle, read this article.

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