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    Life after death

    Download posters with Hadith and Quranic verses on Life after death. To download, long press the image and select “Download Image”.

    If there is one thing on earth that everybody agrees, it is death. We will all die. What is death? Is it just cessation of life? Is death the end of everything? If death is the end, then there are lot of things that are incomplete. Let’s look at a few examples.

    1. Justice – Perfect justice is impossible in this world.
    2. Unfulfilled dreams – many young and smart people meet with an untimely and tragic death.
    3. Issue of luck – some enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life just because they were born in a rich family while many suffer because they were born in poor families. The list can go on.

    Question is, if death is the end of everything, where do we get answers to the issues of justice, unfulfilled dreams and luck? The whole life on earth will look like a farce if death is the end. Looking the perfect design and order in the universe, a sane mind can conclude that the Creator of the grand universe will not allow injustice and incompleteness. But, is life after death possible? Do we have rebirths? Find out by clicking here and here.

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