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    What is the purpose of my existence?

    Why do you exist? When everything we create has a purpose, when our organs have a purpose, when natural things like trees, mountains, etc. have a purpose, is it logical to assume that the whole human race exists without a purpose?


    The truth is you are alive today and you will die one day. Have you ever thought about why you exist on this earth? To begin with, look around you. You are surrounded by things we have made with our own hands. Now, why did we make those things? Is there a purpose to those things? The answer is obviously yes. Let us look at the organs of our body. Do you find an organ without a purpose? Let us look at the natural things around us like the trees, mountains etc. Do they exist without a purpose?

    Why do we exist?

    When everything we create has a purpose, when our organs have a purpose, when natural things like trees, mountains, etc. have a purpose, is it logical to assume that the whole human race exists without a purpose?

    Well, why do you exist? To gain fame and fortune? To have fun? To be the richest person in the world? No, there must be more to life than that, so let’s think about this.

    Who decides the purpose of your existence?

    You might say, “I decide my purpose of existence”.

    Let us take an example of a pen. What is the true purpose of a pen? The true purpose of a pen is to write. Who decided the true purpose of the pen – the user of the pen or the manufacturer? The answer is: the person who first manufactured it. Although a user may use the pen to scratch his back, we would never conclude that the pen was manufactured for scratching backs. It is the inventor or the manufacturer who decides the true purpose.

    Similarly, you may come out with your own reasons for your existence in this world, but this in no way will become the true purpose of our existence. We can get to know the true purpose of your existence only from your Creator.

    Do you have a creator?

    When you see a bridge, a device or an automobile, you will not deny that it has a maker, a company or a person behind its existence. How about this universe?

    We observe an excellent order, discipline and design in the #universe. To give an example, the exact time of solar and lunar eclipses, sunrise and sunset can be accurately calculated for the next hundreds of years. It is possible because of the synchronization, balance and harmony that exist amongst the planets and stars in the universe. This is a paramount testimony for the presence of excellent design and a set pattern in the universe. Randomly throwing paint of different colors on the wall might create some design like a hand or a bird, but it can never create Mona Lisa! The design in our universe is much more complex and intricate than Mona Lisa. How rational is it to believe that this design came into existence without a designer?

    We all know that explosions are destructive. Can this beautiful and perfect design come into existence by mere chance or by an explosion like Big Bang? Would you believe if someone says Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce cars were created by an explosion in a junk yard?

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    If God created the Universe, who created God?

    We use the unit called “Time” to measure the beginning and end of everything. Just like the universe, “Time” also came into existence. All things created in this universe is dependent on “Time”, hence they all have a beginning and end. The Creator who created the universe was present even before “Time” came into existence and is therefore, independent of it. Since the Creator is independent of “Time”, the Creator can neither have a beginning nor an end and has always existed. You cannot have a creator for someone who has existed forever.

    Did God create you and leave you without guidance?

    God did not create you and leave you without guidance. If you want to give demo for a car, you will use a car and not a bike. Similarly, God chose righteous people to give a demo to other human beings on how to live a good life. These demonstrators were the Prophets sent by God.

    Prophets-Role Models for Humanity

    Prophets were righteous human beings who lived as role models. These Prophets were only human and they did not have any divine quality. God sent Prophets to every country including India. Some of the Prophets are: Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses and Jesus.

    The last and final Prophet in the chain of Prophets was Prophet Muhammad. He was sent for the whole of humanity, till the end of time. All the previous Prophets of God were sent only for a particular people and for a particular time.

    Teachings Of the Prophets

    All the Prophets of God taught three things. They are:

    1. Purpose of our Existence
    2. Characteristics of God.
    3. Accountability to God in the life after death.

    Purpose of Existence

    Your Purpose of Existence is to worship and obey our Creator alone, and not anything else. (Worship the Creator and not the creations like idols, images, sun, star, planets etc. Do not elevate anyone or anything to the status of God. Do not deny the existence of God).

    Characteristics of God

    1. God is only One and there is none equal to God.
    2. God is not in need of anything like food, sleep, family, wife, children etc. Hence, God does not sleep, eat or have parents, wife and children.
    3. Since God is all powerful and not like His creations, God does not get tired or forget or make mistakes.
    4. God loves all humans, and does not differentiate on the basis of caste, colour, race or descent (vamsha/khandan).

    Life after Death

    The world will come to an end one day. All the human beings from the first man to the last will be brought back to life on the Day of Judgment and will be questioned for their deeds. People who have worshiped the One true God and did good deeds will receive a reward and people who have disobeyed God will be punished. The reward will be Paradise and the punishment will be Hell. The life in Paradise and Hell will be eternal and never-ending.

    Do we need Life after Death?

    We all desire justice, but you see that this world is filled with injustice with bad people enjoying and good people suffering. Another injustice is that a murderer who has killed several people cannot be punished adequately because even if the killer gets death penalty that would only be punishment for one victim. What about the rest? Several righteous people have been tortured and some even killed.

    Don’t you think those righteous people should be rewarded for their righteousness? This shows that perfect justice is impossible in this life on earth. God almighty, who is the Most Just, will never allow injustice to be the end. God has promised us perfect justice in the life after death.

    Is Life after Death possible?

    You would agree that creating something for the first time will be difficult and repeating the same thing again is easier. When God did not have any difficulty creating us the first time, why will He find it difficult, to give us life after we die? Bringing us back to life after our death is indeed very easy for God.

    Which is the sin God will not forgive?

    God does not forgive a person who after knowing the truth chooses to:

    1. Make equals with God in worship and obedience by praying, bowing and worshiping the natural things like air, water, fire, planets (grahas & devtas) and things which are man-made like stone carvings, statues, images, graves of saints, pious men, etc.
    2. Make humans God by calling them God’s son or wife or His descendants or claiming that they possess qualities similar to that of God.
    3. Disbelieve in God

    Worshiping anything or anyone other than God is highest form of ingratitude

    Irrespective of the religion you practice, you are cherished by your Merciful God. Let’s take an example. When was the last time you thanked God after urinating? You might wonder, what I should thank God for urinating? Yes, ask a dialysis patient and you will understand the point we are trying to make. In our life, we enjoy innumerable bounties and favors from God. Imagine how ungrateful you are to your Creator when you worship things that are created by fellow humans like you. Even a dog that does not have a rational mind recognizes its master and is grateful to him. So how about we humans?

    What is Islam?

    Islam is not a new religion founded by Prophet Mohammed. Islam is an Arabic word that means obedience to God (Sharanaagati). All the Prophets of God taught the same way of life-obedience to God, which we call as Islam in Arabic.

    Who is a Muslim?

    Anyone who obeys God and worships God alone is called as a Muslim in Arabic. If you obey God and worship Him alone, you are called as a Muslim in Arabic.

    Who is Allah?

    Allah is not a personal God of Muslims. Allah in Arabic language means “The God”. For example: Water is English. Paani is Hindi. Neeru is Kannada, Moya is Arabic. Same way, God is English, lshwar is Hindi, Devaru is Kannada and Allah is Arabic.

    What is the Quran?

    Quran is the final revelation (Instruction Manual for mankind) given to the last messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad. Quran was not authored by Prophet Muhammad. The entire Quran is the Word of God which has remained unchanged for the last 14 centuries. Quran contains priceless wisdom and timeless guidance to enable you to live a life of peace and contentment.

    Proof that Quran is from God

    Quran challenges us to pick out a single error in it. The Author of this book (God) says:

    Do they not consider the Quran carefully? Had it been from others beside God, then it would have contained many errors and inconsistencies

    Quran Chapter 4 Verse 82

    The Quran speaks about various disciplines like geology, embryology, astronomy, oceanography, law, psychology, botany, physics, zoology etc. Amazingly, the Quran spoke about several 21st century discoveries in science over 1400 years ago with pristine accuracy, which was impossible for a human being like Prophet Muhammad to know on his own.

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