Is Islam an Arab religion?

If Hinduism does NOT become “Indian” just because it originated in India, why should Islam alone become “Arabian”? There are around 1.8 Billion Muslims in the world. 80% of those Muslims are non-Arabs. If Islam is an Arab religion, why will 800 Million non-Arabs follow it?

Many have a misconception that Islam is an Arab religion. It is true that Prophet Muhammad was born in Arabia but that does not make the ideology “Arabian”.  

Is Hinduism an Indian ideology?

We all know that the Vedas and Hindu philosophies originated from India. Should we now consider “Hinduism” an Indian ideology and therefore should be restricted to India only? The fact that Swami Vivekananda and Swami Prabhupada preached Hinduism outside India shows that they never considered Hinduism to be “Indian”. If Hinduism does NOT become “Indian” just because it originated in India, why should Islam alone become “Arabian”?

  Swami Prabhupada with his foreign devotees

What about Buddhism?

Buddha was born in India and Buddhism originated in India but the country that has the largest number of Buddhists in the world is China. Many countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore are Buddhist countries. If they see Buddhism as an Indian ideology, can they practice Buddhism?

What about Communism?

Communism propounded by Karl Marx originated in Russia. Do we call Communism a Russian ideology? 

Population of Muslims

Did you know that ONLY 20% of the Muslim population is Arab? 80% of Muslims are non-Arabs. This stat must tell you something!

Note: Islam was not started by Prophet Muhammad. “Islam” is a way of life that involves “Complete submission and obedience to God”. We believe all the Prophets of God right from the first human being Adam, taught the same way of life which is “Complete submission and obedience to God”. The last Prophet in the long line of Prophets is Prophet Muhammad.

Look for truth and rationale of the ideology

Every ideology originates from one or the other geographical location. It is incorrect to restrict any ideology to the place it originated from. We must look at the truth and rationale behind the ideology and not where it started from. 

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